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African Trade Insurance Agency (ATI)

est. 2001


ATI was founded by African States in 2001 to cover the trade and investment risks of companies doing business in Africa. ATI provides Political Risk, Surety Bonds, Trade Credit Insurance and Political Violence and Terrorism & Sabotage cover. As of 2013, ATI has supported over US$10 billion in trade and investments across Africa in sectors such as agribusiness, energy, exports, housing, infrastructure manufacturing, mining and telecommunications.

ATI is the highest rated insurer in Africa with the 2012 renewal of its Long Term ‘A/Stable’ rating for Financial Strength and Counterparty Credit by Standard & Poor’s. Membership is open to all AU member states, non-African states, private corporations and other regional and international institutions.


ATI is committed to the following activities:

Provision of insurance products namely:

  • Credit insurance which covers against non-payment due to insolvency and protracted default
  • Political risk insurance, which provides cover against expropriation, currency inconvertibility and transfer restrictions, war and civil disturbance (physical damage & business interruption), embargo, non-payment by a sovereign or sub-sovereign obligor, unfair calling of bonds and terrorism & sabotage
  • Surety bonds, specifically bid , advance payments, performance and customs & warehousing bonds

Promoting trade and investments both into and within Africa by supporting the development agendas of its African member states; and

Increasing market penetration in member states through its Brokers’ program