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Africa Sustainable Investment Forum (AfricaSIF)

est. June, 2010


AfricaSIF is an independent pan-African, not-for-profit network and, knowledgebase, which advocates investment in sustainable development across the continent.

AfricaSIF is a strategic step in facilitating investment in Africa that purposefully integrates environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. It seeks to achieve its objectives by connecting people who make investment decisions in Africa.

AfricaSIF develops new research and a sustainable investment benchmarking survey every two years. It collects other research to share in the public domain. Through its events and advocacy it encourages investors in Africa to promote the sustainable development of the continent and its people.

AfricaSIF is run by a virtual volunteer team building a network of investment people in Africa. They are pro- Africa and pro-sustainable investment, sharing ideas and activities to promote sustainable investment.


AfricaSIF aims to attract new capital in new ways to Africa, more precisely investment that integrates environmental, social and governance factors (ESG). The vision is to ensure that the finance and investment sector practicing their profession in/into Africa advances sustainable development through integrating these ESG factors into all investment decisions. AfricaSIF provides services and opportunities for their members to work together to align investment profitability with governance, social and environmental responsibility in Africa.

AfricaSIF is committed to 3 types of activities:


  • To connect individuals and institutions inside and outside Africa via their website,
  • To organize in-person events, live, webinars and virtual networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and You-Tube.


  • To use current and past research on investment in Africa bespoke or recycled by researchers
  • To benchmark marketplace survey and report every 2 years with global SIFs from 2012


  • To advocate internally within investment space, externally with policymakers in Africa