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African Microfinance Transparency Forum (AMT)

est. 2008


Created in 2003, AMT became a legally constituted association registered in South Africa in 2008 and opened an office in Dakar in 2012. The association aims to promote transparency and strengthen performance of African MFIs as a means to improve their impact in terms of poverty alleviation.

AMT promotes the use of external microfinance ratings and evaluations of African MFIs so as to support their growth and development.


AMT aims to reinforce the credibility of the African microfinance sector by developing the market for external rating of African MFIs to provide transparent and standardized financial information to support their growth and development.

AMT’s activities include:

  • Providing regular information to sector stakeholders: AMT publishes a variety of information relating to the African microfinance sector including technical studies and a quarterly newsletter in addition to its website;
  • Promoting ratings: AMT provides a discussion platform between rating agencies and member MFIs and encourages the latter to be rated as frequently as possible. AMT also organizes awareness-raising workshops on microfinance ratings several times a year and has further facilitated a code of conduct that all microfinance-rating agencies must abide by;
  • Improving member’s performance: AMT organizes workshops and training sessions to help members improve their financial and social performance
  • Facilitating members’ access to external sources of funding: so as to support members growth and professionalization, every 12 – 18 months the AMT organizes a microfinance Investor’s Fair which brings together African MFIs and investors.