22nd World Conference of Banking Institutes (WBCI 2017)


Rethinking the future of banking and finance and life-long learning

The World Conference of Banking Institutes (WCBI) is a biennial global forum that aims to bring together professionals from financial services industry and other stakeholders engaged in banking operation, education and training.

This event aims to provide a platform for banking institutes to strategically appraise the achievements and challenges faced by the banking sub-sector globally and also effectively enhance the financial sector's performance. Sessions will include, amongst others:

  • Envisioning the Future of Banking & Finance in the Global Economy;
  • Re-Professionalisms Banking through Continues Education;
  • The Dynamics of Competition: Present and Future; and
  • The Need for & Role of Banking/Finance Standards: Global, Regional & National. 

For more information, please visit the dedicated event website.