AML-CFT: Regulation & Compliance


Online course

Course Overview

This course is a general introduction to world of money laundering, terror financing and proliferation financing and the regulatory frameworks, policy and analytical tools required to combat them. It focuses on the importance of the Financial Action Task Force’s 40 recommendations and the implications for government institutions, financial intermediaries and designated non-financial businesses and professions in countering money laundering and terror financing.

More importantly, the course provides an understanding of the complex terrain, addressing the various analytical tools and skills required to identify suspicious transactions while developing skills for risk-based assessments both at a country and entity level.

And finally, the course provides insights into various digital and technological interventions, the importance of artificial intelligence, blockchains and big-data analytics as practical interventions in curbing illicit and illegal financial flows.

Who should attend this course?

This course is designed to meet the knowledge and competency needs of professionals advancing a regulatory, compliance or innovation career track within the field of Digital Financial Services (with an Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terror Financing focus) who wish to develop an overarching foundation in the emerging field.

Professionals working in the field of financial inclusion and sustainable economic development will benefit by developing a comprehension of linkages and tradeoffs of interpoints and inclusion.

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