Senegal: BOAD to grant $56 million for road development


 | Source:  Ecofin Agency

Senegal will receive $56 million from West African Development Bank (BOAD) for the development of nearly 400 km of roads, Agence de Presse Sénégalaise revealed last March 30.

This amount should allow the country to renovate three different road axis including Fouladou loop (180 km), Kédougou-Salémata road (78.6 km) and the Boudier loop (135 km).

The work should mainly focus on asphalting and road networks development so as to improve the competitiveness of the economy in beneficiary areas.

Once completed, this should help “reduce the cost and time of transport, valorize local economic potential, enhance access to local social services, improve road safety and strengthen trade with neighboring countries,” Amadou Bâ , the finance minister, said.

Let’s note that this new financing is part of the Senegal Emergent Plan (PSE) and the priority plan for opening up (PPD). The latter had already benefited from a double financing of $74.8 million provided by the sub-regional bank.

Source: Ecofin Agency