Senegal: M & A Capital Group launches alternative financing platform for SMEs


 | Source:  Financial Afrik

The pan-African investment company, M & A Capital, in partnership with the Agency for Development and Supervision of Small and Medium Enterprises, launched on Wednesday, April 25, in Dakar, a “reverse factoring” project, through a joint venture called M & A Fintech.

This initiative responds to the desire to provide an alternative to the traditional mode of financing of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Small and medium industries (PMI), very small businesses (TPE) and very small industry (TPI).

The main objective of this project is to strengthen the financing capacity of these structures on the Senegalese economy through an improvement in capitalization, working capital requirements (WCR) and short-term cash management.

This is thanks to the establishment of a secure tripartite platform between banks, suppliers (SMEs, SMIs …) and prime contractors (large companies).

In this process, large companies use their signature skills to help SMEs obtain from banks, a reduction of bill payment times (from 3 months on average to 48 hours).

On this occasion, Aïssatou Le BLOND, CEO of M & A Capital, said that “this program is a boon to the Senegalese economy because it will allow banks, SMEs and large companies to play their full role in the financing process”.

The director of the institution also said that this project will address the issue of debt recovery for SMEs, which is the main cause of bankruptcy companies.

For the director general of BGFIBank Senegal, Mohamed Kasim YAYA, this innovation will be at the service of the banking system, which has not yet used its true potential to support its development.

For its part, the director general of ADEPME, Idrissa DIABIRA, stressed that the state through its establishment will support all stakeholders through the implementation of a regulatory framework incentive mainly through the reduction of the asymmetry of information of the actors (to help the banks to better know the SME / SMI). But also to a better accessibility of the markets.

Remember that reverse factoring is a financing solution involving three players: a customer, a supplier and a factoring company. Unlike conventional factoring, it is not the provider who initiates this payment solution, but the customer himself.

Source: Financial Afrik