Follow-Up: MFW4A 'Closing the Trade Finance Gap for African SMEs' Workshop


 | Source:  MFW4A

Following the recent conclusion of the Making Finance Work for Africa Partnership's (MFW4A) workshop on 'Closing the Trade Finance Gap for African SMEs,' the Secretariat would like to share all the presentations delivered during the event with our stakeholders, partners, and the workshop's participants.

- Africa Customer Due Diligence Repository Platform (ACDIRP) presentation

- African Development Bank (AfDB) Trade Finance presentation

- Africa SME Finance Program

- "The Trade Finance Gap in Africa: ATI's Response"

- "Le financement du commerce international et la réglementation international"

Présentation de l'Agence Française de Développement et Proparco

- Présentation de la Société Ivoirienne de Banque Attijariwafa

We thank the participants for their active contribution in the discussions which unfolded during the workshop. The MFW4A Secretariat looks forward to keeping you updated on the activities carried out under our "Trade Finance Initiative."