Ivory Coast: The banking sector wants to ease the requirements for accessing housing finance


The Ivorian banking sector is to relax the requirements for accessing long-term credit in a bid to stimulate the development of the real estate sector.Bankers have taken this commitment during a forum on banking that took place this week at the initiative of the Professional Association of Banks and Financial Institutions of Ivory Coast (APBEF-CI).Experts present at the forum also called for closer cooperation between banks and local authorities, and for the creation of an association of credit...

Launch of the first Islamic fund in Tunisia


The first Islamic fund of Tunisia, with a budget of 50 million dinars (€24.4 million), was launched on November 23rd."Themar" is a mutual risk fund that complies with Sharia law and whose purpose is to finance small and medium-sized enterprises in the country.It will create 1,000 jobs and finance in a first phase of 30 companies of between 500,000 dinars and 2.5 million dinars, reports the Tunisian news agency TAP.The fund is financed by the Islamic Development Bank, Bank...

Lagos calls for cashless policy to go nationwide


The Lagos State House of Assembly is keen to see the cashless policy go nationwide.

Launch of a mobile microinsurance in Ivory Coast


Mobile operator Moov and Stamvie insurance signed an agreement on Wednesday November 21st to offer an insurance policy that is available via mobile phone.The solution - called Moovprevoyance - will be easily accessible, especially to low-income populations living in the remote rural areas of Ivory Coast, often with no access to insurance branches."This is a unique partnership because it will allow for the collection of premiums via phone and will help protect our mutual customers,...

France calls for a reduction in the cost of sending remittances to Africa


France, supported by its partners, is calling for a reduction in the fees charged to migrants on money transfers to  their families in Africa, said the new head of the Cooperation and Cultural Action bureau (Scac) at the Embassy of France in Senegal.Moncef Follain told Le Soleil that he is campaigning for a lower cost of money transfers, as "banks drain, in an exaggerated way, money from migrants".He recalled that in 2011, the fees collected reached $350 billion (€270 billion)...

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