Drop in demand for credit in South Africa


Demand for credit in South Africa contracted in December for the third month in a row, according to the country's Reserve Bank.

Branchless banking law changes in Kenya 'will boost access to finance'


Changes in the law regarding the development of branchless banking services in non-banking institutions in Kenya look set to take place.

Ugandans embrace homegrown products


Like many other countries in Asia and Africa, Uganda has embarked on a program to increase the consumption and production of homegrown products. The program is expected to change consumer-buying practices and boosting employment. Ugandans are embracing it, albeit, with a bit of reluctance.

Business funding pledged for East Africa


A new funding scheme announced by Fanisi Venture Capital Fund could benefit small businesses and start-ups in East Africa.

Mobile Banking services picking up in West Africa


Mobile banking has proven a success in East Africa, especially Kenya. But West Africa is quickly picking up the new technology. Now it is Ghana’s turn to establish a mobile banking service. The changing phone usage is about to transform the financial scene in this West African country.

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