Inflation rises in Kenya


Headline inflation in Kenya rose to 5.3 per cent in December, with prices rising by 0.3 per cent compared with November.

Gambian economy 'will grow in 2010'


Growth in Gambia's agricultural sector during the second quarter of the financial year means that the country's economy will grow by five per cent in 2009, according to Central Bank Governor Bamba Saho.

Zambia to reduce borrowing from banking sector


In an attempt to encourage financial institutions to increase lending activity, the Zambian government has decided to reduce borrowing from the banking sector next year - according to Reuters.

Zambia 'needs flexible financial policies'


Although the forthcoming entrance of new commercial banks into Zambia are deemed as helping to reduce the cost of lending in the country, one writer has called for more changes to the nation's financial infrastructure, particularly for the central bank.

Nigerian Central Bank 'looks to recapitalise lenders'


The Central Bank of Nigeria is in discussions with a number of both domestic and foreign banks about recapitalising lenders, it has been revealed.

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