Supervision of Pension Investment Management Including Non-Traditional Investment

D. Stanko & B. Asgrimsson | IOPS

This paper investigates the approach and the methodology used for supervising private pension funds’ investment management practices and activities, with a focus on non-traditional investment (such as hedge funds, currency, commodities, structured products, private equity, real estate or infrastructure). Its findings are based on responses from 43 IOPS (International Organization of Pension Supervisors) members who provided feedback to the survey, as well as the analysis of the IOPS and OECD principles and OECD data on pension funds’ investment limits and actual asset allocations in selected nontraditional investments. The report finds no significant differences in the supervision of pension funds´ investments in respect to traditional- or non-traditional investments (including no specific guidelines for nontraditional investments). This may be so because in some jurisdictions direct investment in nontraditional investments is not allowed or because non traditional investments are still insignificant.

Long-Term Finance, Legal & Regulatory Environment, Pensions
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