MFW4A 2015 Yearly Report


his report covers the first year of MFW4A’s 2015-2017 strategy and its portfolio of initiatives. The strategy was shaped by extensive consultations with our governance bodies and other stakeholders, and builds on our successes while integrating lessons learnt. MFW4A's work in 2015, described in detail in this yearly report, has already led to establishment of joint development partner and stakeholder groups, including the Housing Finance and Agricultural Finance networks. At the governance level, new terms of reference and an expanded membership helped strengthen the Advisory Council. MFW4A also increased engagement between the Advisory Council and the Supervisory Council, notably with the first joint meeting of the two bodies in December. We have put in place an improved monitoring and evaluations framework, which will help to ensure that we remain focused on our objectives. The framework will guide reporting from 2016.

Remittances, Long-Term Finance, Institutional Investors, Capital Markets, Agricultural & Rural Finance, Access to Finance, SME Finance & Leasing, Mobile Banking, Pensions, Microinsurance, Housing Finance & Land Registries, Banking, Insurance, Private Equity
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