Landscape Report: Mobile Money, Humanitarian Cash Transfers and Displaced Populations


Displaced populations are growing, and are increasingly connected. Cash transfers are increasingly used as a modality for delivering aid. Cash-Based Interventions (CBIs), dispersed via mobile money can deliver a number of benefits to beneficiaries, the humanitarian sector and the wider ecosystem. In humanitarian contexts, cash transfer programmes utilising mobile money can take one of three forms. Each modality has different benefits and trade-offs. Mobile money will not always be a relevant mechanism for the disbursement of aid. The potential for mobile money in a humanitarian context depends on the relevant regulatory environment and reforms may be required to unlock the opportunity. Displacement has different phases, during which different types of support and service are needed. This has implications for how cash transfer programmes utilitising mobile money should be structured. The full potential of cash disbursement via mobile money can be realised where a supporting mobile money payments ecosystem exists.

Financial Infrastructure, Access to Finance, Mobile Banking, Payment Systems
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