Alternative Delivery Channels for Financial Inclusion: Opportunities and Challenges in African Banks and Microfinance Institutions 2016

J. Abrams, M. Carraro, W. Ahmed | The MasterCard Foundation, BFA

The MasterCard Foundation’s financial inclusion partners have identified alternate delivery channels (ADCs) as having high potential to reach the “last mile” customer with relevant and accessible access to finance. As part of its multi-pronged effort to promote financial inclusion and increase economic opportunities for the underserved, the Foundation has supported testing a range of models and approaches for using ADCs to deliver financial services through a portfolio of five partners (the “ADC partners”) in Sub-Saharan Africa. Bankable Frontier Associates has worked with the Foundation and its partners to explore key questions about the effectiveness and impact of alternate delivery channels. This review, conducted in the first half of 2016, consolidates emerging lessons.

Access to Finance, Microfinance, Banking
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