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Making Finance Work for Africa
Issue 71 Newsletter | 03/2013

Deepening Local Bond Markets in the WAEMU through Securitization 

Securitization is a financial engineering technique that enables a private or public entity to raise cash by selling its cash-flow producing assets or its future revenues. These assets are sold to a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) which, in order to raise the needed cash, issues fixed income securities on the local capital market. Although widely used in developed countries and in some parts of Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa and Nigeria), securitization is a new concept in most Sub-Saharan countries. Read More

25.03.2013 | Kenya increases bank deposit cover 
A new institution is about to be created in Kenya to increase the protection of client deposits at bank and microfinance institutions.   

22.03.2013 | PTA Bank to expand its activities in the DRC
The Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank (PTA Bank) is planning to expand its operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  

21.03.2013 | Rwanda: Loans to SMEs up 29 per cent in 2012 
Loans granted to Rwandan small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have increased by 29.45 per cent in 2012, according to new figures released by the Ministry of Finance. 

MFW4A Session: 9th CAADP Partnership Platform 
25.03.2013 | Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  

AVCA 10th Annual Conference 
08.04.2013 - 10.04.2013 | Cape Town, South Africa 

CEO & Senior Leaders Roundtable 2013
20.05.2013 - 21.05.2013 | Dubai, UAE

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