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Making Finance Work for Africa
Issue 172 Newsletter | 12/2017

In Focus

Register Now! MFW4A & RisCura Webinar - 13 December 2017

The State of Private Equity Investment in Africa: The 2017 Bright Africa Report Findings
13 December 2017 | 01:00pm GMT


Making Finance Work for Africa & RisCura are pleased to invite you to a webinar on the State of Private Equity Investment in Africa. The webinar will provide in-depth insights from the findings in the RisCura’s 2017 Bright Africa Report, while highlighting regional disparities including (counter-)performances of Private Equity on the continent. Register now!

4th Statutory Meeting of the MFW4A SME Supporting Agencies Network, SA-PME/UEMOA

The meeting showcased the results of a project in Mali called: “Hub-IT” implemented by the Centre du Secteur Privé (CSP) in partnership with the French NGO – Tech-Dev and funded by the AFD. MFW4A was invited to support funding mobilization efforts to expand the project and replicate it in other WAEMU countries. MFW4A facilitated the dialogue between CSP and the AfDB local office in Mali, with the underlying objective of leveraging current and future programmes. Read more.

Can you save money while repaying debt?
by Stephen Davies, Financial Blogger

With some of the highest levels of personal debt in the world and the lowest levels of financial literacy amongst developed nations, the [South African] population has long had a “spend don’t save” mentality. With woefully little financial education available (and schools consistently failing in mathematics), it’s difficult for many South Africans to recognise the danger of this mindset and harder still for them to implement effective changes to their approach to personal finance... Read more.

Africa Impact Investing Leaders Forum 2017
17.12.2017 - 19.12.2017 | London, UK

2nd European Microfinance Summit 2018
25.01.2018 - 26.01.2018 | Vienna, Austria

Financial Inclusion Summit for Practitioners in Sub-Saharan Africa
20.02.2018 - 21.02.2018 | Accra, Ghana

Ghana Pension Funds Dialogue

Research Meets Africa Award

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