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Access to Insurance Initiative (A2ii)

The core purpose of the Initiative is to trigger changes in the regulation and supervision of national insurance markets that will facilitate increases in the usage of voluntary insurance products by low income clients.

Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA)

EFSA is the public authority, responsible for supervising and regulating non-banking financial markets and instruments in Egypt, including the Capital Market, the Exchange, all activities related to Insurance Services, Mortgage Finance, Financial Leasing, Factoring and Securitization.

Financial Services Authority Seychelles (FSA)

The FSA is the regulator for non-bank financial services in the Seychelles. Established under the Financial Services Authority Act, 2013, the Authority is responsible for the licensing, supervision and development of the non-bank financial services industry of the Seychelles. It is also responsible for the registration of International Business Companies, Foundations, Limited Partnerships and International Trusts in the Seychelles.

Financial Services Board (FSB)

FSB is an independent institution established by statute to oversee the South African Non-Banking Financial Services Industry in the public interest.

Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA)

FSRA’s mission is to regulate, supervise the activities of all non-bank financial services providers in Swaziland in terms of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority Act, 2010.

Namibia Financial Institutions Supervisory Authority (NAMFISA)

NAMFISA is an independent institution established to regulate and supervise the non-banking financial sector in Namibia. This relates inter alia to the business of the Namibian Stock Exchange; Long-term Insurance; Short-term Insurance; Asset Management; Unit Trusts (Collective Investment Schemes); Pension Funds; Medical Aid Funds; Public Accountants and Auditors; Exchanges, Stock Brokers; Brokers and Agents of Insurance companies and Money Lenders.

National Insurance Commission (NIC)

NIC’s objective is to ensure effective administration, supervision, regulation and control of the business of Insurance in Ghana. NIC is mandated to perform a wide spectrum of functions including licensing of entities, setting of standards and facilitating the setting of codes for practitioners. The Commission is also mandated to approve rates of insurance premiums and commissions, provide a bureau for the resolution of complaints and arbitrate insurance claims when disputes arise.

Non-Banking Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority (NBFIRA)

NBFIRA’s mandate is to regulate and enforce compliance within the Botswana NBFI sector in order to safeguard the stability, fairness and efficiency of the non-bank financial sector. The Authority’s regulatory portfolio encompasses a wide variety of industries including Insurance, Pension, Capital Markets, Non-Bank Lenders, Collective Investment Undertakings (CIUs), Asset Managers, Investment Advisors, and Custodians (among others).

Pensions and Insurance Authority (PIA)

The Authority’s mission is to regulate the conduct of the Zambian pension and insurance industry through prudential supervision in order to protect the interest of pension scheme members and insurance policyholders and to foster the industry’s growth, development and stability.

Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB)

RSSB is a financial institution supervised by the National Bank of Rwanda, and its activities are overseen by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning. The mandate of the institution is to administer social security in the country. The branches currently managed include; pension, occupational risks and health insurance.

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