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Ghana: GIA Complaints Bureau Launched


 | Source: Ghanaian Times; AllAfrica

The Ghana Insurers Association (GIA) has launched a Complaint Management and Advice Bureau (CMAB) to handle complaints from policyholders and the general public.

Southern Africa: Top Finance Officials Discuss Possible Use of Chinese Yuan As Reserve Currency for Eastern, Southern Africa


 | Source: Forum on China-AFrica Cooperation; All Africa

The Chinese yuan comes under the spotlight Tuesday and Wednesday when 17 top central bank and government officials from 14 countries in eastern and southern Africa meet in Harare to discuss its possible use as a reserve currency for the region.

East Africa: Why Kenya Opted Out of EAC Project to Link Stock Markets


 | Source: The EastAfrican; All Africa

Kenya has opted out of the East African capital markets integration (CMI) project that is to be effected later this year in a bid to make trading in shares quicker and cheaper.

East Africa: EAC to Harmonise Depositor Insurance Schemes


 | Source: The EastAfrican; All Africa

East Africa's deposit insurers have started sharing information on best practices as a first step towards merging the rules and regulations governing the protection of depositors' cash in the region.

Uganda: Insurers Introduce Reality Checks to Raise Awareness


 | Source: The Observer; All Africa

Uganda Insurers Association (UIA), the umbrella organization for all insurance companies, has intensified the drive to raise awareness on the need to insure vehicles.

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