Webinar: Will African businesses become a key trade and investment partner for the Middle East?

Feb 03, 2021 | Virtual (Online)

Join this live webinar hosted by Pangea Risk and Orbitt, participants from ADGM, African Development Bank and Gulf Capital, will discuss the growth in trade and investment between the Middle East and Africa.

Hear experts talk about the macro and micro trends driving the flow of capital between the two regions.

Followed by a lively discussion on which funding solution is best for your business and how to mitigate risk for your firm.

Date: 3 February, 2021 12:00 PM in London


Themes and topics:

Trade between Africa and the Middle East
Debt and Geopolitics in Middle East / Africa
Africa as an investment destination for the Middle East
How to find the right investable opportunities across Africa

Lanre Oloniniyi, Co-founder, Orbitt

David Ashiagbor, African Development Bank

Robert Besseling, CEO, Pangea Risk
Keri Leicher, Principal Consultant, Pangea Risk
Samia Tnani, Head of Credit Origination, AfricInvest
Dr.Bhaskar Dasgupta, Associate Director - Market Development, Abu Dhabi Global Market