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Webinar Playback – Understanding Opportunities for Diaspora Investment: An Approach for African Governments

Feb 20, 2020 | Global, Online

Making Finance Work for Africa (MFW4A), DMA Global and IOM hosted on February, 20th, 2020 a webinar aiming to explore how African countries can identify opportunities to harness diaspora capital as a viable source of productive investment.

Africa has one of the largest diasporas and one that continues to make a significant contribution to the continent’s socio-economic development through the transfer of skills, socio-cultural influence and not least, through the sending of remittances, which have outweighed all sources of external finance. Furthermore, it is estimated that diaspora capital has accumulated over USD 30 billion in annual savings outside their home country. The idea of putting diaspora capital to more productive use has been further amplified by the necessity to explore new sources of financing for investment to supplement traditional domestic and external resources.

 Yet despite the potential, not many diaspora investment initiatives could be qualified as being successful in their outcome. Building on the Toolkit for Understanding Diaspora Investment in Africa, the webinar discussed how governments can assess the viability of diaspora investing back home and determine the best approach for attracting this investment. The Toolkit provides a systematic guide for governments to work through, where the findings and recommendations will form the basis of robust diaspora investment strategies and shed light on what development finance institutions can do to support them.


  • Abdelkader Benbrahim, Financial Sector Advisor, Making Finance Work for Africa
  • Leon Isaacs, CEO, DMA Global
  • Claudia Natali, Senior Labour Mobility and Human Development Specialist, IOM

The webinar recording is available below. Click here to download the presentation slides.