SAVE the date! MFW4A-Milken Institute Webinar

30.05.2017, Global

Local Investors and Long-term Finance in Africa: Developing the Buy Side

Making Finance Work for Africa (MFW4A) and the Milken Institute are pleased to present a webinar on, Local Investors and Long-term Finance in Africa: Developing the Buy Side, on 30 May 2017, at 13:00 GMT.

Recent regulatory reforms have led to significant growth in Assets under Management (AuM) of Africa's pension funds. PricewaterhouseCoopers projects that AuM in 12 markets across the continent will rise to around $1,098 billion by 2020, from a total of $293 billion in 2008.

While a lot has been done to improve the investment climate in Africa for institutional investors such as pension funds and insurance firms, less work has focused on the said investors themselves. Yet, the growing pools of savings managed by these investors have the potential to evolve into important sources of long-term finance for infrastructure and other areas that the continent needs to sustain growth. If Africa is to develop its financial markets, it will be critical for Governments to encourage greater participation of local and regional institutional investors in domestic capital markets. In the same vein, policymakers must find a regulatory balance that enables institutional investors to become a force for capital-market deepening, financial stability, and long-term finance whilst upholding their fiduciary obligations.

Understanding investment preferences, risk appetites, and the hurdles that African institutional investors face in diversifying their portfolios is a first step in unlocking domestic institutional capital for long-term investment on the continent.

The webinar will explore these issues, based on a recent paper by the Milken Institute titled: Capital Markets in the East African Community: Developing the Buy Side. The survey focuses on institutional investors across the EAC while highlighting the investment preferences, risk appetites, and other factors that influence their investment decisions.

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Keynote Speaker: Jacqueline Irving is a Director in the Center for Financial Markets at the Milken Institute. In this role, she leads the Institute's policy research effort around emerging capital markets development. She also worked closely over the past few years with Rwanda's Capital Markets Authority including as a member of the Advisory Board appointed by Rwanda's Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning to work with local stakeholders to develop a 10-year Capital Markets Master Plan. Previously, Irving was a senior economist with U.S. Treasury's Office of International Development Policy, responsible for the desk portfolios for financial inclusion and financial sector development. As a senior economist with the World Bank from 2005-13, Irving led and contributed to innovative, data-driven policy research and advisory work on capital markets development, infrastructure finance, and remittance markets. This included assessing the actual and potential ability of local financial sectors in 24 African countries to raise long-term finance for infrastructure, as part of the NEPAD-driven Africa Infrastructure Country Diagnostic. During the 90s, she led a team of regional analysts and in-country finance experts for the Economist Intelligence Unit, covering financial markets in 45 countries. She has authored and co-authored numerous policy research papers, policy briefs, books, and articles on capital markets development and topics related to financial inclusion. Irving has a Master's degree from Columbia University with a specialization in international economic policy and a research focus on regional economic integration

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