MFW4A joins Pension Funds from Francophone Africa at the 26th CIPRES Conference

31.05.2018, Geneva, Switzerland

MFW4A presented to leading pension funds from francophone Africa in the margins of the 26th Session of the Council of Ministers of the Inter-African Conference on Social Security (CIPRES), held in Geneva on June 1st.

CIPRES is a regional institution that provides supervision and technical support to social security funds mainly in French-speaking Africa, and brings together 16 member countries. The event—organized by the FINACTU Group—focused on the presentation of a research paper "Demographic Ageing: a test to pension plans in Africa (FR)" to pension fund managers and policy makers from across Francophone Africa.

MFW4A made a brief presentation of its work with pension funds, which broadly focuses on unlocking domestic institutional capital for investment in Africa. Thus far, the Partnership's activities in this area, including the interventions conducted through the Africa Pension Funds Network (APFN), have predominantly targeted English-speaking countries in the region. The event therefore provided an opportunity for MFW4A to develop a deeper understanding of the pensions landscape in francophone Africa, and to discuss potential collaboration with CIPRES, the pension funds and FINACTU.

This was unique opportunity to connect with stakeholders from the francophone pensions sector”, said David Ashiagbor, Coordinator of the MFW4A Partnership. “Our discussions have highlighted the differences between the pension systems on either side of the language divide. There are also some similarities, for example the countries seeing growth in Assets under Management are the ones where there have been reforms”.

Following the Geneva meeting, MFW4A is in discussions with FINACTU to establish a partnership to develop new knowledge management solutions and to conduct rigorous research collaboratively. The idea is to leverage FINACTU’s experience and knowledge of the pensions sector in Francophone Africa to support knowledge products by the Partnership, including webinars and knowledge briefs. The Secretariat is also planning a workshop with CIPRES which would focus on understanding the issues pension funds face in diversifying their asset allocations, and how best to leverage MFW4A's various networks to help.