5th Annual Affordable Housing Africa

16.07.2018 - 18.07.2018, Cape Town, South Africa

Achieving sustainable economic development through the integration of effective policy reforms and a blend of conceptual and technological advancements

As African cities continue to grow, investors, financiers, and developers are increasingly interested in the opportunity. The potential impact of investment in housing is obvious. Good housing makes for good economies and healthy families, and the need is significant. Housing affordability continues to be the key challenge, on both the finance and construction side.

5th Annual Affordable Housing Africa will be an opportunity for all stakeholders to discuss and deliberate on the challenges facing them and brainstorm innovative ideas by generating sustainable practices that are proven in the development of housing.

This interactive event will highlight case studies from some of the finest and at the same time provide an excellent networking platform for the public and private sectors, global professionals and industry leaders who are all directly involved with the growth and development of affordable housing, enabling Africa to take itself to the next stage of development.

For more information, please visit the event website.