FT Climate Finance Summit

23.05.2017, London, UK

Scaling up Finance for Climate Action

This summit, aims to explore the vital role of international finance in global efforts to combat climate change, as well as the risks and opportunities for businesses, financial markets and investors in the new climate economy.

A 'quiet revolution' is already underway-the value of capital being committed to green infrastructure investments is growing, and innovations such as green bonds and internal carbon pricing are becoming part of companies' financing tool kit. Yet despite these efforts, climate finance remains marginal to international capital flows and inadequate for global needs. Sessions will include, amongst others:

  • Presentation on: Risk and opportunity in the New Climate Economy;
  • Presentation on: Climate Change Disclosure and Liability-Implications for Companies and Investors;
  • Panel on: Greening the Global Financial System: A Financial Sector Roadmap to a Sustainable Future; and
  • Panel/ Debate on: The Achilles Heel of Climate Finance: Reforming Fossil Fuel Subsidies.

For more information, please visit the event website.