Ai CEO African Pension and Sovereign Wealth Fund Leader’s Summit

02.05.2017, Durban, South Africa

Facilitating Pension Fund Investment Partnerships with African Asset Owners

This CEO/CIO-level Summit aims to focus on investment strategies and governance and showcase institutional-grade opportunities and instruments to de-risk and catalyse global and African institutional capital.

The Summit will foster a consensus-driven dialogue between African and international pension and sovereign funds, on subjects shaping international co-investment partnerships and access to Africa's private equity, infrastructure, and public capital markets. It will advance a number of the recommendations from the recent Ai-US Institutional Investment Summit and focus on facilitating partnerships between International and African Asset owners. Sessions will include, amongst others:

  • A Leaders' Roundtable on the Institutional Investment Climate in Africa for Pension investors;
  • Understanding African infrastructure as an investment class;
  • Overview of Instruments, Vehicles, and the Taxonomy of Risks;
  • US-Africa Institutional Investment Partnership; and
  • A Leaders Roundtable on Successful Investments: Capital Markets and PE.

For more information, please visit the event website.