2017 Global Insurance Forum

17.06.2017 - 20.07.2017, London, UK

Global Resilience and the Role of Insurance

The insurance industry plays a key role in building global risk resiliency. Innovative risk management tools serve to build resilient platforms for populations, economies and communities, mitigating the impact of a wide range of threats surrounding longevity and pensions, healthcare, climate and extreme events, and cyber and technology risks. By offering solutions which address the ever changing global risk landscape, the industry is poised to enhance its economic relevance and social impact by closing the widening protection gap, delivering meaningful change towards sustainable growth.

This forum open to IIS Members, aims to provide a platform for delegates to share their views on key issues which will shape the future of the industry. Topics will include amongst others:

  • Technology and Value Creation in Insurance;
  • The Rising Tide: Cyber Risks & Opportunities;
  • Building Resilience and Increasing Insurance Penetration to Close the Protection Gap; and
  • Insurance Implications of the Genetic Data.

For more information, please visit the event website.