Coordinating donor efforts to develop African financial sectors

MFW4A coordinates donors’ financial sector development efforts to increase the efficiency and maximize the impact of interventions across the African continent.
MFW4A’s coordination activities focus on improving the information flow amongst donors on current and planned projects, to enable them to identify synergies and avoid duplication.

Our Donor Coordination tools include:

  • Thematic Working Groups
    Coordinated by the MFW4A Secretariat and led by donor partners, working groups meet in person and through the platform to discuss developments in specific areas of financial sector development. Current working groups include Access to Finance, Remittances, Regional Financial Integration,Agricultural and Rural Finance, and Capital Markets.

  • Donor Project Mapping
    The MFW4A Secretariat gathers and compiles information on active financial sector projects across Africa. As of end June 2010, the donor project database included data on over 600 active projects for over 20 donors. The database allows users to locate existing projects, thereby simplifying planning for future interventions.