Meet the Stakeholder (MTS)

The “Meet the Stakeholder” section features interviews with strategic public and private institutional stakeholders across Africa with the aim of presenting their activities and offering them greater visibility.

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Meet the Stakholders

LIST of MTS interviews

The Tanzania Venture Capital Network

In this interview, Salum Awadh, Founder of the Tanzania Venture Capital Network, explains the reasons for the creation of the network, its scope of work and activities as well as the challenges and opportunities met by Venture Capital industry in Tanzania.

Q1. What is the Tanzania Venture Capital Network and what prompted you to set it up?

Salum Awadh (SA): Tanzania Venture Capital Network is a not-for-profit initiative established to promote the growth and development of private equity and...

The Africa SME Program

The other week, I was on the phone with a banker in Guinea.  We were talking about funding SMEs and he told me, “If we lent to an SME, we would ask for at least a 70% guarantee.”  Of course the natural thought is, “Well if someone already had over 70% of the value of a loan in assets, why would they need a loan?”  This is a problem that entrepreneurs across Africa face on a daily basis.  On a continent that already has a high level of political risk (witness the recent...

Interview with Cédric Atangana

In this interview, Cédric Atangana, a young African, passionate about technology, talks about his academic background and professional life while presenting WeCashUp, a product of Infinity Space, a digital financial services startup he co-founded and currently manages.

Q1: Dear Cédric, could you please tell us about you in a few words?

Cédric Atangana (CA): Hello my name is Cedric ATANGANA, I was born in Cameroun 25 years old ago and I graduated as an Industrial Engineer from the Polytech...

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