Stakeholder Engagement

The Secretariat works with public and private financial sector stakeholders (Finance Ministries, central banks and other relevant regulatory agencies, Pan-African and regional bodies and associations, banks, etc.) across Africa to identify financial sector development needs.

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Aligning Needs and Resources

Our outreach activities aim to build communication channels between African stakeholders to promote financial sector development, inform development partners’ decisions and improve the alignment of available expertise and funds with priorities on the ground. The Secretariat encourages and supports country owned financial sector development initiatives, fosters regional and Pan-African approaches and maintains ties with country, regional and continental authorities and networks.

Project Broker

The Secretariat assists African financial sector stakeholders to convey their funding and technical assistance requests to MFW4A donor partners. The brokerage function aims to facilitate effective communication between stakeholders and donors in aligning available expertise and funding to needs on the ground.

As broker, the Secretariat collects applications from stakeholders and after first screening, channels strong applications to relevant donor partners. However, there is no guarantee of project approval or funding, and several stages of screening and discussion must take place, first, with the Secretariat, and finally, directly with the potential donor partner.

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Advisory Council

The Advisory Council (AC) was established in 2012 to facilitate a focused dialogue and exchange between leading African financial sector stakeholders and development partners. The AC acts as a source of knowledge, wisdom and inspiration to the Partnership, and collaborating in identifying priorities and strategic joint initiatives.

The inaugural meeting of the AC was held during the African Development Bank (AfDB) Annual Meetings (AM) in May 2012 in Arusha, Tanzania (more). The second AC meeting followed on May 29th, 2013 in Marrakesh, Morocco and debated: "Africa's Structural Transformation" as the continent is increasingly perceived to be at the brink of economic take-off like China and India a few decades ago. The focus of this discussion was on long-term finance and the role of financial markets.

The AC was restructured as smaller, more focused groups in June 2014.

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