Financial Infrastructure

Ethiopia: ECX Stretches With Widened Scope


 | Source: Addis Fortune; All Africa

The proclamation will enable ECX to manage future, forwarding and managing contracts of non-agricultural products.

Africa: What the G20 Said on Africa


 | Source: All Africa

Excerpts most directly applicable to Africa drawn from the declaration of leaders of the G20 nations, issued after the leaders' summit in Hamburg on July 7 and 8

Zimbabwe: Zimpost Offers Low-Cost Money Transfer Service - Zipcash


 | Source: The Herald; All Africa

Zimpost offers a variety of financial services at all post offices nationwide. These range from mobile money transfer services to agency banking services.

Uganda: Agency Banking Will Deepen Financial Inclusion


 | Source: The Observer; All Africa

Agency Banking is one of the new provisions of the Financial Institutions (Amendment) Act 2016 and will be a key driver of increasing financial inclusion in Uganda.

Kenya: Cost of Credit Platform to Give Borrowers Wider Choice


 | Source: Daily Nation; All Africa

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) and Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) have set up a website on which all banks will publish the cost of their credits to resolve the information asymmetry faced by customers.

Africa: Why Bank of Uganda Reinforces Regulation of Pan-African Banks


 | Source: The Monitor; All Africa

This is to enable regular and proactive interaction and sharing of information on these institutions.

Uganda: new report cautions banks on agent banking


 | Source: The Monitor; All Africa

The study also shows that almost 80 per cent of the potential market is in rural areas and as such costs will play a great role in determining the success of this model.

Tanzania: Mobile money transfers account for 47% of GDP


Within a decade, mobile money exceeded the small network laid by banks to extend financial services to the vast majority of poor Tanzanians.

Swaziland: Government pressing to add depth and liquidity to stock market


The nation is in the process of reorganizing the stock market in a bid to trigger greater efficiencies

Uganda promotes law to allow movable assets as collateral


The law will allow clients to use movable assets as security to access credit.

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