Financial Capability Links


Aflatoun is an organization that provides children aged 6-14 with social and financial Education.

Financial Education Fund (FEF)

FEF is a Challenge Fund which supports innovative projects in Sub-Saharan Africa that aim to improve financial literacy and capability. FEF is designed as a multi-donor fund, with initial funding being made available by DFID.

FinMark Trust - Consumer Financial Empowerment

FinMark Trust is promoting consumer financial empowerment by facilitating greater understanding of the gaps in the rights, redress and knowledge of low-income consumers and by sharing best practices in addressing these.

Global Financial Education Program (GFEP)

The GFEP is the first large-scale program targeted at those just above and below the poverty line in developing countries. The program develops curriculum targeted to low income households and trains a broad range of service organizations to use it.

International Gateway for Financial Education (IGFE)

The Gateway was established by the OECD as part of its overall project on financial education. It serves as a global clearinghouse on financial education, providing access to a comprehensive range of information, data, resources, research and news on financial education issues and programmes around the globe.

VISA Financial Literacy

Visa’s financial literacy programs aim at teaching people of all ages the fundamentals of money management. Visa’s financial literacy work extends to more than 20 countries.

West African Institute for Financial and Economic Management (WAIFEM)

WAIFEM is a sub-regional training institute whose principal objective is to build capacity for debt, macroeconomic and financial sector management in its constituent countries.