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18.07.2017 | S. Cleary, S. Alderighi, J. Irving and J. Woodsome | World Federation of Exchanges, Milken Institute

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a vital role in generating economic growth in the world’s economies. Despite their economic importance, however, SMEs struggle with access to finance. While this is true in many countries—across...

13.07.2017 | J. Irving, J. Schellhase and J. Woodsome | Milken Institute

Today, there are around 30 SME-dedicated market segments on stock exchanges in emerging-market and developing economies, the majority of which have been established in the past 15 years. Through a survey instrument that has been created jointly with...

31.12.2016 | MFW4A | MFW4A

This 2016 Annual Report presents MFW4A’s activities in the second year of the Partnership’s Phase III strategy (2015 – 2017). The report showcases the collective achievements of the Secretariat, and the Partnership members based on the priorities...

04.11.2016 | ASEA | ASEA

The African Securities Exchanges Association (ASEA) Yearbook presents its business review, financial statements for the year ended June 2016, in addition to presenting the 2015 profiles of 18 ASEA members’ stock exchanges.

05.09.2016 | ASEA | ASEA

The second issue of the African Exchanges Magazine

06.10.2015 | ASEA | ASEA

This quarterly newsletter of the African Securities Exchanges Association (ASEA) features expert opinion pieces, insights, news and statistics on the African exchanges.

25.09.2014 | ASEA | ASEA

The African Securities Exchanges Association (ASEA) Yearbook presents the 2014 profiles of 20 ASEA members’ stock exchanges.

28.02.2014 | African Securities Exchange Commission (ASEA) | African Securities Exchange Commission (ASEA)

This edition of the ASEA Newsletter highlights African markets news and member statistics for the period October 2013 to December 2013. It also includes articles on the Ghana and Mozambique markets, rethinking financial advertising as a mandatory...

31.01.2014 | A. Amico | OECD

This report seeks to provide an overview of considerations that MENA stock exchanges interested in ownership transitions might wish to take into account and outline the lessons learned from other Arab and international jurisdictions. In doing so, it...

17.12.2013 | ASEA | ASEA

The African Securities Exchanges Association 2013 Yearbook.

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