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17.02.2017 | OICV-IOSCO | OICV-IOSCO

The Board of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) tasked the Committee on Emerging Risks (CER) to collaborate with other IOSCO Committees and lead a study on the evolution of Financial Technologies, including its...

05.09.2016 | ASEA | ASEA

The second issue of the African Exchanges Magazine

30.11.2015 | A. Pelletier | MFW4A

This paper examines how internal capital flows inside multinational banks create global financial interconnections. It relies on a novel database on banks operating in South Africa which tracks the exchanges of internal capital between the foreign...

06.10.2015 | ASEA | ASEA

This quarterly newsletter of the African Securities Exchanges Association (ASEA) features expert opinion pieces, insights, news and statistics on the African exchanges.

25.09.2014 | ASEA | ASEA

The African Securities Exchanges Association (ASEA) Yearbook presents the 2014 profiles of 20 ASEA members’ stock exchanges.

30.06.2014 | S. Worner | OICV-IOSCO

This edition of the risk survey was conducted in March 2014 with the purpose of gathering views on emerging risks to/within securities markets and help identify/highlight pockets of risk that may not be captured by normal statistical analysis or...

17.12.2013 | ASEA | ASEA

The African Securities Exchanges Association 2013 Yearbook.

01.10.2013 | IOSCO | IOSCO

This IOSCO Securities Market Risk Outlook 2013-14 (the Outlook) is the first external publication of an annual series of Outlooks that aim to identify and assess potential systemic risks from securities markets. The Outlook is a forward-looking...

31.07.2013 | OICV-IOSCO, World Federation of Exchanges | OICV-IOSCO, World Federation of Exchanges

This report and survey is intended as part of a series exploring perspectives and experiences with cyber-crime across different groups of securities market actors. The purpose of the series is predominantly to: (1) deepen understanding around the...

01.05.2013 | IMF, The World Bank | IMF, The World Bank

This assessment was benchmarked against the Insurance Core Principles (ICPs) issued by the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) in October 2011, and is based solely on the laws, regulations and other supervisory requirements and...

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