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Ethiopia: ECX Stretches With Widened Scope


 | Source: Addis Fortune; All Africa

The proclamation will enable ECX to manage future, forwarding and managing contracts of non-agricultural products.

Ethiopia: ECX Seeks to Improve Accessibility


 | Source: The Ethiopian Herald; All Africa

ECX has been building regional trading centers to improving its accessibility across the country.

Ethiopia: ECX, Birhan Bank Go for Modern, Reliable Payment System


 | Source: The Ethiopian Herald; All Africa

Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX) has extended its efforts to create modern and reliable payment system.

Kenya's Stock Exchange delays launch of derivatives market


It said the delay was necessary "to adequately prepare the market".

Launch of the first commodity exchange in East Africa


The first commodity exchange of East Africa was officially launched on July 3 in Kigali, Rwanda.

Kenya stock exchange soon to trade derivatives


The Kenya stock exchange is about to to start trading derivatives and real estate investment funds.

Mauritius exchange to launch Africa's first international multi-asset derivatives exchange


A currency and commodities exchange in Mauritius will be launched on October 15, and will start trading on October 18.

Mauritian exchange "Africa's first for international multi-asset derivatives'


A currency and commodities exchange scheduled to launch in Mauritius this March will be the first on the continent for international multi-asset derivatives.