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Equity Derivatives Market – JSE

The Equity Derivatives Market, formally Safex, was established in 1988 to provide a secure and efficient on-exchange market for trading Derivatives in South Africa. The market provides professional traders and private investors with a platform for trading Futures, Exchange Traded CFDs, Options and other sophisticated Derivatives Instruments in a liquid and transparent environment.

Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX)

The ECX is a unique partnership of market actors, the Members of the Exchange, and its main promoter, the Government of Ethiopia, which commenced trading operations in 2008. It is a marketplace, where buyers and sellers come together to trade, assured of quality, delivery and payment. The vision of ECX is to transform the Ethiopian economy by becoming a global commodity market of choice.

Futures Industry Association (FIA)

While mainly representing the futures industry in the U.S., FIA also provides a forum for futures and options professionals from around the world to share information and concerns about the global futures industry.

International Swaps & Derivatives Association (ISDA)

ISDA, which represents participants in the privately negotiated derivatives industry, is among the world’s largest global financial trade associations as measured by number of member firms.

UNCTAD - Special Unit on Commodities

Established in 2008, the Special Unit on Commodities contributes to the efforts of developing countries to formulate strategies and policies to respond to the challenges and opportunities of commodity markets.