Banking News

Ecobank launches banking app across 33 African countries


This is the first unified app delivered by an institution for use in 33 African countries.

Nigeria: Precise Financial System developing an application allowing cheques deposits via smartphones


Several large banks have already pledged to introduce the cheque deposit service in their operations.

Nigerian Banks Halt Int’l Transactions on ATM Cards


The measure is as a result of the prolonged tension at Nigerian forex market

Ghana to revise banking laws following IMF recommendations


The laws will be reviewed in the first quarter of next year.

Rwandan banks charged to partner “Rural Savings Groups”


The target of the partnership is to extend financial services to rural areas

Experts meet to discuss ways to make banking "greener" in Africa


They considered the establishment of a banking market that meets sustainability criteria.

Algeria will recapitalize state-owned banks in 2017


An amount of 42 billion dinars was allocated to this end.

Algeria to privatise banks following drop in oil prices


The country's state-owned banks will soon list on the local stock exchange.

Kenya: The microfinance sector will benefit from the cap on interest rates, says bank CEO


Banks' interest rates are capped at four per cent above the central bank rate.

Nigerian banks set to close branches amid recession


Branches that are less profitable will be closed to cut overhead cost

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