The Partnership for Making Finance Work for Africa

The Making Finance Work for Africa Partnership is an initiative to support the development of African Financial Sectors. We are a unique platform for African governments, the private sector, and development partners to coordinate financial sector development interventions across the continent, avoiding duplication and maximizing developmental impact.

How we work
The MFW4A Secretariat, hosted at the African Development Bank, facilitates the Partnership’s activities. Our activities focus on:

Donor Coordination

  • Donor Project Database
    The Secretariat gathers and compiles information on active financial sector projects across Africa. The database currently includes data on more than 600 active projects for over 20 donors, enabling them to locate existing projects and simplify planning for future interventions.
  • Donor Working Groups
    The Secretariat convenes a series of working groups on several financial sector development themes - ranging from Access to Finance, to Remittances, to Capital Markets. The working groups allow for a regular exchange of information amongst donors to identify possible overlaps and opportunities for collaboration on specific projects.

Knowledge Management and Dissemination

  • Website
    The Secretariat maintains, a knowledge hub for data, latest news, links and resources on African financial sectors. From country financial sector profiles across the continent to thematic snapshots, the website makes available a vast amount of resources on a single, easy-to-navigate platform in English and French.
  • Making Financial Journalism Work for Africa
    In cooperation with Deutsche Welle, the Secretariat offers multimedia training for African financial journalists. Upon completion of the training, journalists are then able to share material and expand their stations’ financial reporting portfolio through an online exchange platform.
  • The Africa Finance Forum (AFF)
    The AFF is a blog for financial sector practitioners, experts and scholars to share their views on current financial sector issues. The list of AFF contributors ranges from central bank governors, to academics, bankers, and development practitioners.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Aligning Needs and Resources
    The Secretariat works with public and private financial sector stakeholders across Africa to identify financial sector development needs. Stakeholder outreach activities aim at informing development partners' decisions and improving the alignment of available expertise and funds with financial sector development priorities on the ground.

    The Secretariat encourages country-owned financial sector development initiatives, fosters regional and Pan-African approaches and maintains ties with country, regional and continental authorities and networks.

  • Project Broker
    The Secretariat assists African financial sector stakeholders by conveying their funding and technical assistance requests to MFW4A donor partners.