About the Forum

The MFW4A Partnership Forum is the flagship biennial event for the Making Finance Work for Africa (MFW4A) Partnership Secretariat. This year, the MFW4A Partnership Forum is aimed at providing a platform to provoke debates and discussions, foster the sharing of innovative ideas, good practices, tools, expertise and policy analysis amongst African Financial Sector champions from the public and private sectors in 'New Frontiers in African Finance'

Over 300 participants are envisioned to attend and will include African financial sector policy makers, African private sector institutions, financial service providers, representatives from regional, international, and development partner organisations, independent financial sector experts and practitioners, and journalists. 

Download the Program Booklet.

Download the Agenda of the Forum.

The objectives of the 2014 Forum are:

  • Provide a vibrant platform where policy makers, African financial sector experts and stakeholders can discuss experiences and analyze current policies in African finance;
  • Foster dialogue and promote the exchange of innovative ideas and good practices in financial sector development (FSD) amongst stakeholders, the donor community and government officials; and
  • Report on the Secretariat’s activities and achievements since September 2011.

Expected outcomes of the Forum will include:

  • Strengthened engagement with African financial sector stakeholders and continuous dialogue with peers to adopt and implement good practices;
  • Shared innovative approaches to African finance;
  • Stimulate research efforts and knowledge sharing on FSD issues in Africa; and
  • Build on ongoing efforts to advocate for FSD issues and for FSD economic growth national strategies within African countries.